EDIinsight S2 ThinWin Client - Updated May 21, 2019

Download and Install ThinWin Client Version 5.9.19

Features in ThinWin 5.9.19

Fixed new issue with list view and tree view handling of F2 key

Features in ThinWin 5.9.18

  • Improvements made to installation package
  • The custom desktop icon now appears in the Windows Control Panel Program and Features listings
  • Fixed issue with twprint tool bar disappearance when right click check box unchecked
  • Fixed issue with F2 (edit) on tree view items
  • Added server notification for log files when user quits application

Features in ThinWin 5.9.17

  • Updated look and feel with new drop-down menu system providing more screen space
    (optional Classic Style setting available for users preferring the classic look and feel)
  • Improved session time out management
    (users time out after 90 minutes of no activity within the application)
  • Added logging when user prints HCFA and Statement forms from application
  • User adjusted list view column sizes retained between sessions
  • External web sites launched from application are now opened in the user’s default web browser
    (for easier bookmarking and browsing)
  • Reports launched from application are opened in an enhanced internal web browser
    (internal browser now has greater support for web standards and no longer depends on Internet Explorer security settings)
  • Improved Windows 10 compatibility
    (built on Windows 10 with current Microsoft compilers)
  • improved Windows and network mapped drive support
  • improved Windows 10 printer support
  • Improved  SSL security