EDIinsight s2 Version 1.47.9 November 2, 2018

Click Here to: Install Version 1.47.9 ThinWin Client

Features in Thinwin 1.47.9

Much improved security including newer SSL technology.

Features in Thinwin 1.47.6

Fix bug related to searching multiple frames in Help system.


Features in Thinwin 1.47.5

  • Improved Windows 10 Support

Features in Thinwin 1.47.4

  • Corrected Arrow key definitions:  (internal usage - transparent to users)
    • UP Key = 603
    • DOWN Key = 604
    • Right Key = 605
    • LEFT Key = 606
    • RESTORED F12 Key
    • F12 Key  = 512

Features in Thinwin 1.47.3

  • Fix conflict with F12 key and UP arrow.   F12 changed server sided code from 512 to 612.

Features in Thinwin 1.47.2

  • The forms print viewer (twprint) now has a new printer button (red) which will print the background form along with the text.  This allows for printing on plain white paper.  
  • Fixed problem with pasting text into a memo field in which an erroneous message warned about exceeding maximum length even when the length had not been exceeded.

Features in Thinwin 1.47.1

  • Fixed issue for Windows 8.x that prevented registry settings from writing to the registry.
  • New Advanced settings option to use IE as a Web browser for external sites.

Features in Thinwin 1.47.0

  • Improved KEEPALIVE logic to maintain session connectivity.  If the server application does not receive a PING message during periods of inactivity of a session application, a PING STOPPED message from server application will trigger a PING RESTART process by the ThinWin desktop client.
  • Fixed subtle bug that could result in the application not closing properly when abnormal network disconnects do occur.

Features in Thinwin 1.46.12

  • New Add Server to Multiserver List.   If the Add and Edit Servers and the MultiServer Selections choice options are checked in the Advanced settings dialog box,  then a pair of buttons will appear the next time the application is started to allow the user to add [+]  or remove [-] server items from the list.

Features in Thinwin 1.46.11

  • Added option in Advanced Settings to enable multi-server selection.
  • Age calculation for Birthday fixed leap year issue.