EDIinsight s2 Version 1.47.5 February 13, 2017

Click Here to: Install Version 1.47.5 ThinWin Client

Features in Thinwin 1.47.6

Fix bug related to searching multiple frames in Help system.


Features in Thinwin 1.47.5

  • Improved Windows 10 Support

Features in Thinwin 1.47.4

  • Corrected Arrow key definitions:  (internal usage - transparent to users)
    • UP Key = 603
    • DOWN Key = 604
    • Right Key = 605
    • LEFT Key = 606
    • RESTORED F12 Key
    • F12 Key  = 512

Features in Thinwin 1.47.3

  • Fix conflict with F12 key and UP arrow.   F12 changed server sided code from 512 to 612.

Features in Thinwin 1.47.2

  • The forms print viewer (twprint) now has a new printer button (red) which will print the background form along with the text.  This allows for printing on plain white paper.  
  • Fixed problem with pasting text into a memo field in which an erroneous message warned about exceeding maximum length even when the length had not been exceeded.

Features in Thinwin 1.47.1

  • Fixed issue for Windows 8.x that prevented registry settings from writing to the registry.
  • New Advanced settings option to use IE as a Web browser for external sites.

Features in Thinwin 1.47.0

  • Improved KEEPALIVE logic to maintain session connectivity.  If the server application does not receive a PING message during periods of inactivity of a session application, a PING STOPPED message from server application will trigger a PING RESTART process by the ThinWin desktop client.
  • Fixed subtle bug that could result in the application not closing properly when abnormal network disconnects do occur.

Features in Thinwin 1.46.12

  • New Add Server to Multiserver List.   If the Add and Edit Servers and the MultiServer Selections choice options are checked in the Advanced settings dialog box,  then a pair of buttons will appear the next time the application is started to allow the user to add [+]  or remove [-] server items from the list.

Features in Thinwin 1.46.11

  • Added option in Advanced Settings to enable multi-server selection.
  • Age calculation for Birthday fixed leap year issue.

Features in Thinwin 1.46.7

  1. Multi-screen issue resolved – if previously had ThinWin running on 2nd screen and subsequently 2nd screen removed  (i.e.,  Laptop with 2nd monitor) – ThinWin previously may have not been visible.   Now ThinWin recognizes if restored geometry is out of the current desktop screen boundary and defaults to primary screen.
  2. CTRL-C (List View Copy and Paste) popup now displays on top of parent list view even on multi-screen monitors
  3. New option: (for users that need access to multiple ThinWin application servers)  if the working default directory contains a file called twservers.dat – then an additional combo box appears under the password prompt to allow server selection without the need for multiple desktop icon installations.  
  4. Leap Year fix for birthday calculations